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Tour Type : Religious Tours


Rome - Vatican - Padre Pio - Lanciano- Ortona- Cascia - Assisi- Medjugorje - Padua - Venice - Rosa Mystica - Milan - Turin - Ars - Clermont Ferrand - Brive La Gaillarde - Lourdes- San Sebastian - Fatima - Avila - Madrid

Your Itinerary

  • 1

    Departure From Houston,San Francisco,Chicago,New York

    Departure from Major Cities in USA.

    Overnight on-board.

  • 2

    Rome – Church Visits

    Arrive at Rome International Airport.

    Complete Emigration and Customsformalities

    Meet our representative

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Transferto Hotel & Check in.

    By 4 pm. proceed on a city tour of Rome

    Visit the main 4 churches.

    Visit St John Lateran, one of the major Basilicas, the 'Scala Santta' (Holy Stairs)

    Later walk down the park to 'Santa Croce in Gerusalemme' (Holy Cross of Jerusalem)

    Visit Santa Maria Maggiore- Dinner at Restaurant

    Overnight stay at hotel (Lunch & Dinner)

    THE 'SCALA SANCTA' (HOLY STAIRS): located across the street where you may climb the same steps on whi(h Our Lord (limbed on his way to see Pontius Pilate

    SANTA CROCE IN GERUSALEMME (HOLY CROSS 0F JERUSALEM): where Incredible relics can be found (fragments of the Holy Cross, one Nail, part of the inscription lNRl, two thorns from the Crown of Thorns, fragments of the pillar of the scourging and of the rock of the Holy Sepulcher) We bow these beautiful relics, including the HolyStairs

    SANTA MARIA MAGGIORE: another Papal church which has beautiful 5th century Biblical mosaics. The marble floor, bell tower, and mosaics on the triumphal arch and in the loggia are medieval The spectacular ceiling is said to be decorated With gold that Columbus brought back from the new world The fourth patriarchal or papal Church of Rome is Saint Paul Outside the Walls, two kilometres from the San Paolo Gate along Ostiense lt also holds many art treasures and relics including the chains believed to have been used on Paul when he was arrested.

  • 3

    Papal Audience - Vatican Museum - Rome City Tour

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Proceed to St. Peter's Square for Papal Audience (Subject to availability of "His Holiness").

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Visit the Vatican Museum and the world famous Sistine Chapel –

    Proceed on Rome city tour.Visit Trevi Fountain, Collossium (outside view), and monument of Victor Emanuel II.

    Overnight stay at hotel. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

    SISTINE CHAPEL :a pure source of inspiration for art lovers. It is also famous for its architecture and the paintings of Michelangelo and Bernini.

  • 4

    San Giovanni – Padre Pio

    Breaklast at Hotel (Till 11 am. Rome to complete sightseeing)

    proceed to San Giovanni (380 km )in sounthern italy

    Visit the Shrine of Padre Pio

    Enroute Lunch at Restaurant.

    Dinner and overnight stay at hotel

    SNRINE 0F PADRE PIO: the Second-mask visit Catholic: Shrine in the world. it centers on the tomb of Sam Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, a Capuchin friar, priest and mystic known for his devotion to God, care for the sick, and supernatural gifts. He died in 1968 and was declared a saint in 2002.Padre Pio's tomb's inside the Church of Our Lady of Grace (Santa Maria delle Grazie). Here you can see his cell, his confessional, the crucifix from which he received the stigmata, and nearly everything he owned or touched, carefully preserved and labeled. Santa Maria delle Grazie(Our Lady og Grace) is a new church built during Padre Pio's lifetime (1956-59) to accommodate the many pilgrims and worshippers attracted to an Giovanni Rotondo. The east wall bears a splendid mosaic. Behind Santa Maria delle Grazie is the Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church, completed in 2004 and considered a notable example of modern architecture. Designed by the Genoan architect Renzo Piano, it can accommodate 6,500 people seated at worship and 30,000 people standing outside. The shrine also includes a modern way of the Cross (via Crucis) on the forested hillside above Santa Maria delle Grazie. The via Crucis monumentale began construction in 1968 (one day before Padre Pio's death) and completed in 1981. /mde of granite with bronze and marble sculptures.It was designed by Sicilian sculptor Francesco Messina.

  • 5

    Lanciano – Ortona – Cascia

    Breakfast in Hotel.

    Proceed to Lanciano

    Visit like Santa Maria del Ponte's Cathedral orSanta Maria Maggiore.

    Proceed to Ortona.

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Visit the sanctuary of the apostle Saint Thomas

    Proceed to Cascia.

    Visit the church and body of St. Rita,

    Check into Hotel.

    Dinner and Overnight stay at hotel.

    LANCIANO: a religious destination known for the Eucharistic Miracle that had taken place there. As a matter of tact, in 700 AD. a monk had doubt about the real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist during the Celebration. When he was pronouncing the Words of Consecration, the bread became flesh and the wine blood. These relics are saved in the Saint Francesco's Church. Their authenticity is granted by many examinations made by experts. Beside Saint Francesco's church, Lanciano offers other important religious places to visit like Santa Maria del Ponte's Cathedral or Santa Maria Maggiore. Lanciano lies in Abruzzo, a wonderful Italian region that offers great chances to enjoy its naturalistic treasures too like Gran Sasso Mountains or the National Park of Abruzzo, its pastoral traditions, its medieval villages.

    SANCTUARY OF THE APOSTLE SAINT THOMAS: situated in Ortona where his body is kept Thomas was a fisherman and after meeting Jesus he became a fisher of men going from town to town Hewas martyred in india.

    CHURCH AND BODY OF ST. RITA: which has remained incorrupt over the centuries, venerated today in the shrine at Cascia, which bears her name Many peopieviSit hertomb each year

  • 6

    Assisi – Ancona

    Breakfast at hotel

    Proceed to Assisi.

    Visit the Basiiica of St. Francis, inciuding the tombs of St. Francis and his diSCiples.

    Take a reiaxed rosary walkwith theTour Director, Visiting other important sights such as the remains of St Ciare and the famous Cross of San Damiano.

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Drive to Ancona Port board theferryto Spiit.

    Overnight on board. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

    ASSISI: the iand of St. Francis and St. Clare. Visit the 'Porziuncuia' (the first Franciscan house), the piece of hisdeath and the thorn-less rose garden.

    BASILICA OF ST. FRANCIS: The Lower and Upper Basilicas are fiiied with world famous frescoes that depict the lives ofJesus and St. Francis, as weil as other Saints

  • 7

    Split (Croatia) – Proceed to Medjugorje (Bosnia)

    Breakfast board Ship.

    Arrive at Split port

    Meet our representative/Driver

    Proceed to Medjugorie.

    Check into Hotel

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Arrive at Mediugorje.

    Overnightathotel (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

    MEDJUGOIUE is a town located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, around 25 km (16 miles ) southwest of Mostar and close to the borderof Croatia. The town is part of the municipality of Citluk Since 1981 , it has become a popular site of religious pilgrimage due to reports of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local Catholics The name Medjugorje literally means "between mountains" At an altitude of 200 m (660 ft.) above sea level it has a mild Mediterranean climate. The town consists of an ethnically homogeneous Croat population of over 4,000 The Catholic parish (local administrative and religious area) consists of five neighboring villages: Mediugorje, Biiakovici,Vionica, Miletinaand Surmanci.

  • 8

    Medjugorje – Crikvenica (Croatia)

    Continental Breakfast in Hotel.

    Free time to visit the church and Mountain

    Free time for shopping

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Proceed to Crikvenica (Croatia)

    Arrive at hotel and check in

    Dinner and overnight stay at hotel (Breakfast/Lunch /Dinner)

  • 9

    Drive via Slovenia to Venice - Padua

    Continental Breakfast tn hotet.

    Drive to Ventce via slovenia.

    0n arrival Lunch at Restaurant

    Proceed to the pier board a prtvate boat to the heart at the traditional city of Ventce-The St Mark's Square

    Visit St.Mark's Basilica

    Atso Visit Murano gtass showroom

    Proceed to Padua

    Arrive at Padua and visit the famous basilica of St. Anthony th Paduat Check into hotel

    Dinner and overnight stay at hotel (Breakfast/Lunch /Dinner)

    BASIlICAOF ST. ANTHONY m mun: The ongtnat St Anthony of Padua church was buttt tn 1725 by the local Italian community at istanbul, but was later demottshed and reptaced wtth the current building which was constructed in the same locatton The current st. Anthonyot Padua was butlt between l906 and 1912 in the Venetian Neo-Gothic styte.

  • 10

    Montichiari (Rosa Mystica) – Milan – Turin

    Breakfasl at hotet.

    Proceed to Montichtari

    Drtve to Milan

    Lunch at Restaurant

    visit Dumo Cathedral

    Drive to Turin

    Arrive and visit the shroud (subtect to permission and space availability) The shroud of Turin is a centuries otd linen cloth that bears the image of Jesus christ

    Check into hotel

    Dinnel and overntght stayzt hotel (Breakfast/Lunch/ Dinner)

    MONTICHIAKI (ROSA MVSTICA): It was In the Spring of 1947 that the Btessed Mother started appearing to nurse Pierina Gilli she introduced herself as the "Mysttcal Rose" and requested that an hour at grace shoutd be kepl at noon on December 8th in all the Catholic churches in the world Pierina noticed
    that the Blessed Mother's heart was pierced by three swords: the first sword meaning the unwonhy celebration of Holy Mass and Communion unworthily received, the second sword meaning being unfaithfull to, and giving up,the vocation as a priest or a religious, and the third sword meaning betrayal of the faith she appeared of eleven times and asked for prayer, sacrifice and penance, and that the 13th day of each month be celebrated as a marian day, and that july 13th be celebrated each year in honour of the "Rosa Mystica"

  • 11

    Ars Sur Formans - Clermont Ferrand

    Continental breakfast in Hotel.

    Proceed to Ars.

    Visit the Sanctuary of St. John Vianney which contains several sites of interest to pilgrims and tourists alike.

    Also visit the home of the Curé of Ars,

    Other Sights include the Underground Church designed for large groups of pilgrims, a film on the life and work of the saint, a wax museum, and the orphanage founded by the cure (La Providence). St. john Vianney died on August 4,1859. In 1974, Popw pius IX declared him venerable, and he was canonized a saint by Pius XI in 1925. The feast day of St.john Vianney, the patron saint of parish, is celebrated each year on August4.

    It has two churches: the old 12th-century churchwhere St. John Vianney preached, and a new basilica that displays his preserved body in a glass case. The saint's heart is enshrined in a smaller separate building, the Shrine of the Cure's Heart. Pilgrims can also visit the home of the Curé of Ars, which was preserved the way he left it. It contains the very bed set on fire by the devil as well as the saint's rosary, breviary, library and other personal items. Other sights include the Underground Church designed for large groups of pilgrims, a film on the life and work of the saint, a wax museum, and the orphanage founded by the Curé (La Providence). St. John Vianney died on August 4, 1859. In 1874, Pope Pius IX declared him Venerable, and he was canonized a saint by Pius XI in 1925. The feast day of St. John Vianney, the patron saint of parish priests, is celebrated each year on August 4.

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Drive to Clermont Ferrand.

    Visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption of Clermont-Ferrand commonly known as Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral.It is a Gothic cathedral and French national monument located in the town of Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne. Check into Hotel.

    Dinner and overnight stay at hotel. (Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner)

    SANCTUARY OF ST.JOHN VIANNEV: It has two churches: the Old 12th-century church where St.John Vianney preached, and a new Basilica that displays his preserved body in a glass case The samt's heart is enshrined in a smaller separate building,the Shrine of the Cure's Heart,

    HOME OF THE CURE OF ARS: which was preserved the way he left it, It contains the very bed set on fire by the devil as well as saint's rosary,breviary, library and other personal items.

    CATHEDRAL OF OUR LADY OF THE ASSUMPTION OF CLERMONT-FERRAND: known as Clermont-Ferrand cathedral. It is a Gothic cathedral and french national monument located in the town of clermont-ferrand in the Auvergne.
  • 12

    Brive LA Gaillarde – Lourdes

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Drive to Brive la Gaillarde.

    Visit the caves of St. Antony of Padua. St Antony of Padua lived here in 1226.

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Drive to Lourdes.

    Arrive and check into Hotel.

    Attend the Candle light procession.

    Dinner and Overnight stay at hotel. (Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner)

  • 13


    Continental Breakfast in hotel.

    Visit the three main Basilicas, pray at the Grotto and drink water from the miraculous spring.

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Visit Sacre Coeur to see the Baptismal font where St. Bernadette was baptized.

    Visit the healing waters. These are 7 pools with water coming from the Miracle Source.

    Join the Candle Light Procession at night.

    Dinner and Overnight stay at hotel. (Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner)

    LOURDES : the famous Catholic pilgrimage center, located in the South West of France at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains, where The Virgin Mary appeared to a 14-year-old girl, Bernadette. Lourdes today welcomes more than 5 million visitors annually from 150 countries.

  • 14

    Lourdes – San Sebastian – Salamanca

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Proceed to San Sebastian.

    Visit The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Chorus

    Proceed to Salamanca.

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Arrive at Salamanca.

    Check into Hotel.

    Dinner and Overnight stay at hotel. (Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner)

    BASILICA OF SAINT MARY OF THE CHORUS : a baroque Roman Catholic parish church and minor basilica completed in 1774. It is located in the "Parte Viejas" of the city of San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain .

  • 15

    Salamanca - Fatima

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Proceed to Fatima.

    Arrive Fatima.

    Lunch at Restaurant.

    Visit Our Lady of Fatima Church, Participate in the Candle Light Procession

    Check into hotel.

    Overnight stay at hotel. (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

    OUR LADY OF FATIMA CHURCH :The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared six times to three shepherd children near the town of Fatima between 13May and 13 October 1917. The Blessed Virgin Mary is also referred as our Lady of the Rosary / Our Lady of Rosary of Fatima.

  • 16

    Fatima – Avila

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Free time to visit the Church on your own.

    Proceed to Avila, Spain,

    We visit the Carmelite Monastery and the cell where St. Teresa lived and see relics of Teresa and St. John of the Cross.

    Lunch Enroute.

    We’ll also tour the ancient city of Avila whose architecture and culture remain the same from centuries ago.

    Proceed to Madrid

    Check in.Dinner & Overnight stay at hotel. (Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner)

    AVILA : the best-preserved walled city in the world and home of St. Teresa of Avila who, with her spiritual director St. John of the Cross, reformed the Carmelite Order.

    MADRID : the capital and largest city of Spain, located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula plain 646 mtrs above sea level and spans a total of 698 km2

  • 17

    Madrid – San Francisco

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Proceed to Madrid Airport to fly back home.

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  • 2 N First Class Accommodation at Rome
  • 1 N First Class Accommodation at San Giovanni Rotondo
  • 1 N First Class Accommodation at Cascia
  • 1 N Overnight Ferry from Ancona to Split
  • 1 N First Class Accommodation at Medjugorje
  • 1 N First Class Accommodation at Crikvenica
  • 1 N First Class Accommodation at Padua
  • 1 N First Class Accommodation at Turin
  • 1 N First Class Accommodation at Clermont-Ferrand
  • 2 N First Class Accommodation at Lourdes
  • 1 N First Class Accommodation at Salamanca
  • 1 N First Class Accommodation at Fatima
  • 1 N First Class Accommodation at Avila
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